Former Houndmouth Member Katie Toupin Plays Rough Trade NYC

March 22nd, 2018

You probably first heard singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Katie Toupin as the lone female voice in Houndmouth. But after five years, she amicably parted ways with the band to pursue other opportunities. And after taking some time off, Toupin (above, her live video for “Shake Baby”) left Indiana for Los Angeles and began working on new music. The move has also given her peace of mind: “It’s the first time I feel confident in who I am. It took settling down for a second to find that and feel grounded. When I first moved I was like, do I wanna make pop music? Do I wanna make electronic music? What do I wanna do? I was all over the map. I think being in L.A. sorta helped me own what I have, which is a Midwestern upbringing and a Midwestern mixture of sound,” Toupin tells WMUA FM. That sound comes through on her debut solo EP, Moroccan Ballroom (stream it below), which was recorded live without dubs or edits in one afternoon and self-released three weeks ago. “Katie Toupin has delivered a clairvoyant EP unlike any other. With raw vocals and uncut tracks, we are left haunted by her voice and simple approach,” according to Indie Band Guru. “Moroccan Ballroom is a jazz-dazzled apparition of love lost and found and is as unique as Toupin herself is.” See her live tomorrow night at Rough Trade NYC. Nashville, Tenn., five-piece Skyway Man open the show.