Lostboycrow Plays Public Arts with Prelow Tomorrow Night

March 27th, 2018

As Lostboycrow (above, doing “All My Lives at Once” for Jam in the Van), Chris Danks has been releasing introspective-dance singles at the intersection of R&B, pop and electronic music, highlighted by his soulful croon, since moving to L.A. several years ago. More recently, he’s patiently put out a three-part LP, Traveler—with Traveler: The First Legend (stream it below) and Traveler: The Second Legend (stream it below) arriving last year while Traveler: The Third Legend (stream it below) dropped last month. “For better and for worse everything is consumed instantly and with such accessibility. The most logical thing in my mind, being an artist who just wants to weave stories into albums, was to release EPs with singles that would make up a much larger story,” he tells the Young Folks. “A compromise for lack of a better word but also a way to keep releasing music constantly throughout the year and still give listeners those stories and colors connecting it all.” The engaging live performer has teamed up with electro-pop duo Prelow—onetime NYU classmates Jesse Aicher and Matt Walsh—to hit the road, and they come to the Lower East Side to play Public Arts on Wednesday night.