Catch Jared & the Mill Tonight at Rough Trade NYC

April 2nd, 2018

Jared Kolesar (vocals and acoustic guitar), Michael Carter (banjo and mandolin), Larry Gast III (electric guitar), Chuck Morriss III (bass), Josh Morin (drums), Gabe Hall-Rodrigues (accordion and keys) all met while attending Arizona State University and formed the folk sextet Jared & the Mill seven years ago. Their first full-length, Western Expansion, came out in 2013. “As a debut album in a genre boiling over with groups hoping to make it big playing ersatz folk, Western Expansion is a document that seems completely genuine, Jared & the Mill offering something new in a musical terrain increasing peopled by those who favor playing it safe instead of taking risks,” declared PopMatters. Three EPs, Life We Chose (stream it below)—out in 2015—plus Jared & the Mill on Audiotree Live (stream it below) and Orme Dugas (stream it below)—each debuting in 2016—came next. And now having recently released a new single, “Soul in Mind” (stream it below), Jared & the Mill (above, performing “Lost, Scared and Tired” for Jam in the Van) are back out on the road. Catch them live at Rough Trade NYC tonight, with New Jersey folk trio Cold Weather Company opening.