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Queens Rockers Gospel Play Mercury Lounge Tomorrow Night

February 20th, 2014

Alex Frenkel, Mike Gordon, Alex Marans, Gabe Garzón-Montano and Owen Murphy knew one another from playing in different Brooklyn bands in Buswhick when they decided to make a go of it together as Gospels. Now they live, practice and record all beneath one roof in a house in Forest Hills. They’re influenced by the likes of New Wave, Detroit soul and a little bit of folk. And according to AmazingRadio, “Their sound is refreshing and optimistic, a lot like the band themselves. It’s hard to describe their sound, but if pushed one might compare them to a brighter, lighter and less ambient Sigur Rós
or Mogwai.” Gospels are currently working on their debut EP, and you can see them tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge.