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Two Different Sides of the Same Coin

February 26th, 2014

Sebadoh – Baby’s All Right – February 25, 2014

Sebadoh - Baby’s All Right - February 25, 2014
For any out-of-towners now living in Brooklyn, have you ever felt embarrassed to tell people you live there? Sebadoh’s Jason Loewenstein occasionally does, something he confessed last night at Baby’s All Right, on the final stop of the band’s tour promoting their latest release, Defend Yourself. It’s the band’s first release since 1999. They’ve never actually broken up, it’s just that Lou Barlow likes to put out albums when he feels like he can write one and it’s the right time to do so. The group’s output has cemented their role in the close circle of indie-rock royalty, although you’d never know that just based off the humble way they carry themselves. Barlow still sits at the merch table to sell records—or cassettes, which he says sell better in Brooklyn than anywhere else, go figure—while Loewenstein can be seen near the front row rocking out to opening act Octagrape.

Sebadoh play their music with a degree of nonchalance common among other great ’90s indie acts (think: Pavement or Dinosaur Jr., a band Barlow plays bass in), although their lyrics tend to be much more candid and confessional. The songs on their latest album cover topics as wide-ranging as Barlow’s recent divorce to dropping off his daughter at school to feeling inadequate while looking at the muscular calves of other Los Angeles dads (“State of Mine”). The band also has an uncanny ability to rock off the rails with technically challenging yet loosely held together jams.

Sebadoh let the main riff from “Careful” run absolutely wild, almost seeming like they had little control over the squealing guitars and bass thumps emanating from their instruments, as if they were casually trying to domesticate the noise. Barlow and Loewenstein switched instruments and lead-singer duties several times throughout the night. They ended their set with the hard-hitting song “The Freed Pig” followed by the more down-tempo and sentimental “Willing to Wait.” Two different sides of the same coin, both Sebadoh songs right down to the core. —Dan Rickershauser

Photos courtesy of Peter Senzamici | petersenzamici.com


Sondre Lerche Enchanted Baby’s All Right Last Night

February 21st, 2014

Sondre Lerche – Baby’s All Right – February 20, 2014

Baby’s All Right was packed last night as concertgoers streamed in for a night with Sondre Lerche in concert. Matthew Daniel Siskin, of Gambles, provided an opening performance filled with evocative, lyrics-driven music before Lerche and his band took the stage for a set of songs spanning the Norwegian virtuoso’s eclectic repertoire.

First, Lerche debuted a new song called “Violent Game,” followed by “Go Right Ahead” and “Track You Down” as a few audience members piped up and sang along. “Palindromes,” an eerie tune from Leche’s most recent work as a composer for the new film The Sleepwalker, came next, and then “Lucifer,” which will likely be on the singer-songwriter’s next album. Later on, Lerche had almost the entire room singing along for “My Hands Are Shaking.” Another new and somewhat somber song, “At Times,” highlighted his ever-impressive lyrics. “Dead Passengers” and one more new tune called “You Sure Look Swell” closed out the set as the swaying audience softly hummed.

Lerche and his band concluded with an encore of one of his first hits, “Two Way Monologue.” Speaking with him afterward, I learned that Lerche’s new album is due to arrive this coming fall. He treats his music as a sort of enchantment, making it absolutely striking to watch live, and it’s clear that Lerche will continue to weave an intricate net of music defined by wistful lyrics and thrilling melodies. —Schuyler Rooth





Catch American Royalty Tomorrow Night at Baby’s All Right

February 12th, 2014

Mutual friends in Los Angeles first introduced Marc Gilfry, Billy Sher and Mat Ungson to one another. Realizing they had some chemistry, the trio, as American Royalty, hit the studio as an experiment. But it paid off in spades. They’ve since put out three EPs that deftly mix psychedelic rock with electronic elements plus a touch of the blues—including last year’s Prismatic (stream it below). Noisey calls it “a very special genre-hopping EP that’ll never leave you bored. With R&B-influenced vocals and tribal drumming, Prismatic has something to suit anyone’s taste.” Last year American Royalty (above, performing “Honey and Queen”) left L.A. for Brooklyn, and they play a hometown show tomorrow night at Baby’s All Right.


Lanterns on the Lake Play Two New York City Shows This Week

February 4th, 2014

Lanterns on the Lake—Hazel Wilde (vocals and guitar), Paul Gregory (guitar and vocals), Oliver Ketteringham (drums and piano), Sarah Kemp (violin and accordion) and Andrew Scrogham (bass)—formed in Newcastle upon Tyne, England in 2007. But they didn’t release their first full-length, Gracious Tide, Take Me Home (stream it below), until four years later. AllMusic said it “plays to the band’s beautifully swooning strengths, and in doing so, produces one of the most majestic debuts from a British act this year.” The English five-piece (above, performing “Ships in the Rain” for BeatCast) delivered their second LP, Until the Colours Run (stream it below), late last year, although it arrived in
the U.S. less than a month ago. This time AllMusic opined, “The wonderful cinematic soundscapes on second album Until the Colours Run are less focused on the hometown musings that dominated their first effort; here they delve deeper into darker, introspective moods that unfurl into surging guitars and rolling drums reminiscent of Explosions in the Sky.” Lanterns on the Lake are currently winding down their North American tour, which brings them to New York City for a pair of shows, on Thursday at Mercury Lounge and then on Friday at Baby’s All Right.


Royal Bangs – Baby’s All Right – January 19, 2014

January 21st, 2014

Photos courtesy of Peter Senzamici | petersenzamici.com


From the Mountains of Australia to a Club in Brooklyn

January 13th, 2014

Cloud Control – Baby’s All Right – January 11, 2014

You’ve got to love a group with humble roots, one that acknowledges the significance of playing before a big-city crowd and honors the setting with humor. Cloud Control hail from the Blue Mountains of Australia, but on Saturday night in Brooklyn, the four-piece’s lead singer, Alister Wright, playfully inquired, “Are all New York bands good?” And when there wasn’t a resounding response, he added, “Oh, the rumors are false then!”

On the kind of rainy winter night that weeds out casual music fans, an avid following turned out at Baby’s All Right, the walls of the modestly sized room pushed out by the soulful rock ballads that mark Cloud Control’s work, including Dream Cave, their second full-length, released earlier this year. Many of the songs are bolstered by impassioned choruses and free-spirited harmonies that send out uplifting vibrations.

Cloud Control added just enough distorted fuzz to tunes—punctuating the anthemic chorus on “Scar.” And Wright delivered his pleading lyrics to the heart-wrenching “Dojo Rising,” while “Ghost Story” broke into tribal territory: You could close your eyes and be whisked away to Burning Man … or at least feel like an extra in a Magnetic Zeros video. All the while keyboardist and vocalist Heidi Lenffer channeled doo-wop and early R&B backup singers. It was an earnest and rousing performance. —Charles Steinberg

Photos courtesy of Charles Steinberg | charlesolivierphoto.com