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Mallrat Closes Out American Tour on Tuesday at Rough Trade NYC

April 6th, 2018

Grace Shaw grew up in Brisbane, Australia—although she’s still just a teen—and began sharing her own original songs online in 2015. She took the name Mallrat from a song by the Orwells, and was later dubbed the Hannah Montana of the rap game” when her debut EP, Uninvited (stream it below), a mash-up of hip-hop, R&B and electronic music, arrived in 2016. “Her fresh and vibrant outlook on the most kitsch and mundane of everyday events makes for an interesting and, at times, surprising listen. Her lyrics are cutting and insightful, it’s easy to forget she’s only 17 years old,” said the Music. “The six-track EP is filled with simple melodies, quirky DIY beats, awesome production (particularly from Tigerilla and Rey Reel) and strong vocals—Mallrat really has it all and is most certainly going to be one to watch.” She’s been putting out some new singles this year and this past March, Mallrat (above, performing “Better” for Do512) made her SXSW debut. And before she heads home to Oz, you can catch her live at Rough Trade NYC on Tuesday night. Another precocious performer, Beshken, opens the show.