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Lo-Fi Guitar Hero Doug Tuttle Brings New Music to Rough Trade NYC

August 25th, 2017

Influenced by ’60s and ’70s pop, rock and psychedelic music, singer-songwriter-guitarist Doug Tuttle has been playing music since he was just six years old. He and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Neveu formed the lo-fi psychedelic band Mmoss about a decade ago in New Hampshire. But when the relationship soured and the band broke up, Tuttle (above, performing “Where You Plant Your Love Is Where It Grows”) retreated to Massachusetts and immersed himself in music. His first solo album, a self-titled freak-folk breakup record (stream it below), came out in 2014. “While Mmoss created a small but memorable body of work, Doug Tuttle proves their former guitarist has the talent and the vision to create music just as remarkable all by himself; hopefully, he won’t have to have his heart broken again in order to deliver another set of music this engaging,” said AllMusic. His sophomore release, It Calls on Me (stream it below), followed in 2016. “Whether it’s clear precisely what or who is calling on Tuttle, his ability to harness the message is not in question,” rang in Paste. “The musical algorithm he’s concocted, while not entirely unique, is built for pure beauty, and Tuttle has homed in on a fantastic stretch of output as a result.” His third solo LP, the breezy Peace Potato (stream it below), arrived this past May. “The Massachusetts performer delivers more blissful tunes. Tuttle played every instrument and recorded the entirety of Peace Potato in his bedroom studio but the sound suggests something more than your usual home-recorded musings,” according to Noisey. Catch him live on Monday at Rough Trade NYC. Boston psych outfit Sunburned Hand of the Man open the show, and as an added bonus, there will be a live analog liquid light show by Mad Alchemy.


Doug Tuttle Brings New Psychedelic Folk to Rough Trade NYC

February 24th, 2016

Inspired by a mix of psychedelia, pop, and ’60s and ’70s rock, singer-songwriter and guitarist Doug Tuttle was first a member of the New Hampshire lo-fi psychedelic outfit Mmoss. But when he and the only other member of the band broke up, Tuttle went solo with a well-received self-titled psych-pop debut full-length (stream it below) in 2014. According to Paste, “He’s a player who’s capable of going into full freak-out mode. But what you get here are restrained solos and a lot of triple-thick rhythm work that has a cumulative weight.” And just last week, Tuttle (above, doing “Time Will Show the Wiser”) released his follow-up LP, It Calls on Me (stream it below), with a slightly tweaked sound, which AllMusic calls “a folk-rock meets country-rock mood, with plenty of gently strummed acoustic guitars, lots of jangling electrics and vocal harmonies that would make Crosby & Nash, and possibly Stills too, proud…. Tuttle had already proven himself a high-level psychedelic wizard; with this album he proves that he’s a singer/songwriter to be reckoned with.” And winding down his new tour, Tuttle plays Rough Trade NYC tomorrow night. Worthless and Herbcraft open the show.