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Ahead of New Album, Oshun Play the Late Show at Rough Trade NYC

January 8th, 2018

Expertly blending hip-hop with neo-soul, Washington, D.C., natives Thandiwe and Niambi Sala, who actually met at NYU, make what they call “Floetry meets Lauryn Hill meets Chief Keef” as the soulful R&B duo Oshun. “Niambi’s fast-punching lyricism weaves in and out of Thandi’s smooth, honey-like harmonies, creating something that neither one of them could have formed without the other,” says Fader. “The two friends use their music to share their reality, and no topic is left uncovered. Over subtle melodies that give a sense of steady calm, they expound upon current events, knowing your history, and the triumphs and tribulations of being young black women growing up in today’s society.” They put out several singles last year, including “Not My President.” And with their album, Bittersweet, Vol. 1, due to arrive, Oshun (above, performing “Gods” for KUTX FM), play the late show at Rough Trade NYC on Friday with High Class Hoodlums opening.