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Wand Provide a Double Dose of Psychedelic Rock This Weekend

November 13th, 2015

Cory Hanson (vocals and guitar), Daniel Martens (guitar), Evan Burrows (drums) and Lee Landey (bass) formed the fuzzy-guitars-fueled psychedelic band Wand two years ago in Los Angeles. And, mentored by Ty Segall, they’ve been pretty busy ever since: Their debut LP, Ganglion Reef, came out in 2014. “The Los Angeles four-piece have a true sense of something shuddersome and darkly penetrating oozing through their absorbing debut,” proclaimed the Quietus. “Wand’s resultant mixture of the frenetic and the smooth is intoxicating.” Not to be outdone, the band (above, frontman does “1000 Days”) found the time to release a pair of full-lengths this year. The heavier Golem (stream it below) arrived first, back in May. And according to AllMusic, it “cuts out anything folky, paves over some of the fragile psych weirdness, and instead piles on the heavy, heavy noise, stomping into protoplasmic Black Sabbath territory at times.” In late September, 1000 Days came out, impressing the Los Angeles Times: The “album mixes tripped-out psychedelia, glam and rock with washes of analog electronics to create a wonderful retro-futuristic mess…. If 1000 Days sounds schizophrenic on paper, it all comes together when heard at full volume.” And you can hear Wand at high volume when they play The Bowery Ballroom tonight and Rough Trade NYC tomorrow night.