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Aussie Bluesman C.W. Stoneking Plays Mercury Lounge Tomorrow

July 26th, 2017

Australian blues musician C.W. Stoneking already had two solid albums behind him by the time he released Gon’ Boogaloo (stream it below) in 2014, the record that revealed the deeper, darker mojo of his sound that the first two only nodded toward. Undoubtedly it felt heavier. Stoneking went toward an electric six-string approach—favoring a Fender Jazzmaster—rather than the National steel and banjo formats from earlier. But he framed those gnarlier guitar sonics still in the gospel, ragtime and swaggering Delta blues he loves, and sweetened it a bit with backup singers. Stoneking is pure old-timey mojo. It takes a certain someone with a certain something to acquit numbers like “The Zombie” (performed live, above) or lines like “Down where the drums go boom, baba-boom, baba-boom, mm-mm/ Anybody see me, sure ’bout to meet their doom” and not have it sound like some kind of Cab Calloway–aping approximation of bullshit hoodoo or junior-league Tom Waits. Instead, thanks to Stoneking’s style and distinctive voice, it’s awesome, haunting and thick with tension, while not so self-serious that it loses the entertainment value—Stoneking once admitted that his song “Jungle Blues” was inspired as much by the keyboard in 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” as it was 1920 and 1930s hellhound-on-trail stuff—or devolves into lo-fi howling just ’cause there might be a full moon tonight. “I take inspiration from all sorts of music, from locations all around the world and different time periods,” he told PopMatters in 2016. “I make my own thing, which, depending on your frame of reference might sound like any one of those but to me, knowing my process, it’s a different thing altogether.” Stoneking plays the early show at Mercury Lounge on Thursday. Get there early for Moist Paula’s Bliss Station, featuring bari saxophonist extraordinare Moist Paula (Moisturizer, Rev. Vince Anderson, Binky Griptite and many more) in a sax-bass-drums format. —Chad Berndtson | @Cberndtson


Two Nights of Aussie Bluesman C.W. Stoneking in New York City

May 25th, 2016

Singer-songwriter, guitarist and banjoist C.W. Stoneking has been doing his take on the blues, hokum and jungle music since around the turn of the millennium. And despite spending large parts of his youth in rural Australia, Stoneking (above, performing “Get on the Floor” for Melbournes 3RRR) has been able to travel the world thanks to his recorded discography. Inspired by the likes of Blind Willie McTell and Big Bill Broonzy, he’s released five full-lengths, including 2014’s Gon’ Boogaloo, about which Rolling Stone wrote, “If you can believe your ears, Cab Calloway was king and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins was a pup when C.W. Stoneking made this album. Gon’ Boogaloo is state-of-the-art circa maybe 1940: a single microphone bears eerie witness to deep jungle drums, upright bass and handclappin’ girly chorus in far-flung corners as the Aussie blues enigma growls and shouts his scarily authentic voodoo…. Which makes this, obviously, gold.” Touring the United States, Stoneking plays Rough Trade NYC tomorrow and Mercury Lounge on Friday. Blues troubadour Brownbird Ruby Relic opens both shows.