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Springtime Carnivore Plays the Early Show Tuesday at Mercury Lounge

March 6th, 2017

After the breakup of prior bands, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Greta Morgan began artfully mixing psychedelia with sunny pop and folk rock as Springtime Carnivore a few years ago. A self-titled debut full-length (stream it below) came out in 2014. “This collection of warm, fuzzy indie pop, rock and psychedelic-tinged numbers represents a true new start for Morgan,” according to Paste. “The best of these songs transcend her previous work and hint toward new vistas that she’s clearly hoping to explore, and we’ll happily look in on her journey.” That journey continued with the 2016 release of Midnight Room (stream it below). The A.V. Club compared Springtime Carnivore (above, performing “Nude Polaroids” in studio for KEXP FM) to Neko Case & Her Boyfriends and Jenny Lewis and mentioned the album’s “beautiful, self-assured identity”—adding: “From the opening title track and its delicate blend of subdued synths, a brisk guitar rhythm and a lofty chorus, the record is emotionally adrift, wafting through comfortless heartbreak, warm nostalgia, and the alternative stargazing flourishes of fantasy and fatalistic wariness of delusion. The vehicle for all this is measured, glossy dream pop, polished with smooth, lush electronics and chilled with airy acoustic tones.” In mid-tour form, Springtime Carnivore plays Mercury Lounge tomorrow night. Terribly Yours open the show.


La Sera Bring New Music to Mercury Lounge on Saturday Night

October 20th, 2016

Former Vivian Girls vocalist and bassist Katy Goodman formed La Sera six years ago and has since recorded and performed solo and with a rotating cast of musicians, changing La Sera’s sound from album to album. Leaving behind garage pop for twangy Americana on the fourth LP, Music for Listening to Music To (stream it below), out earlier this year, Goodman teamed up with guitarist and songwriter Todd Wisenbaker, who just so happens to be her husband—and Ryan Adams, who took on producing duties. (Wisenbaker and Ryan Adams hit it off so well that they went on to do a melancholic, track-by-track cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989.) “The silly album title actually gets to the album’s heart, an undeniable charm in the campiness, as on the round-up rodeo feel of ‘High Notes’ [above, the video for it],” according to Consequence of Sound. “In every sense, this is a smart, confident step forward for La Sera.” See them perform live on Saturday night at Mercury Lounge. Greta Morgan’s Springtime Carnivore opens the show.