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Metric Play Intimate Hometown Show at Music Hall of Williamsburg

November 30th, 2016

Metric – Music Hall of Williamsburg – November 29, 2016

Before the 21st century, a musical collective out of Toronto formed by the name of Broken Social Scene and spawned such acts as Feist, Stars and Metric. The environment was a supportive one, nurturing a space where each band could thrive. The founding duo of Metric, Emily Haines and James Shaw, moved to New York City in the late ’90s and recorded early demos that would provide material for their first studio album. Fast-forward a decade and some change, the indie-rock band released a sixth studio album, Pagans in Vegas, last fall. And last night they returned to Brooklyn for a sold-out Music Hall of Williamsburg show as part of the Steve Madden Music series.

Fashioning a black cap, the lead singer took center stage kicking off the evening with a rousing rendition of “Speed the Collapse,” followed by the up-tempo “Youth Without Youth” as guitarist Ward added Auto-Tuned choruses. Haines had a few wardrobe changes, with the most notable being a luminescent cape that glowed against the black lights. (Added kudos to the lighting tech for her mastery of the syncopation of pulsating white shocks to several songs.) For crowd favorite “Dead Disco,” Haines turned up the showmanship, thrusting her fist and engaging the crowd from right to left. Bassist Joshua Winstead drove in the throbbing introduction to “Front Row,” as Haines took over with her melodic chants of “Burned out stars they shine so bright.”

The frontwoman noted that it was a hometown show for the band and great to “rekindle memories of North 6th.” A lot has changed since Haines and Ward moved here and shared a Williamsburg loft with soon-to-be members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars and TV on the Radio. As the singer stripped down “Combat Baby” to a shortened a cappella interlude, I couldn’t help but relate the lyrics to a recent presidential candidate’s resilience. Following up that with “Gold Guns Girls” seemed to emphasize the formation further with Haines donning a guitar to jam with Winstead and Shaw, who closed out the song with an electrifying solo. The evening came to a close with singer and guitarist paired for a stripped-down “Gimme Sympathy,” before Winstead and drummer Joules Scott-Key rejoined the band for the finale, “Breathing Underwater.” —Sharlene Chiu


You Can Trust These Liars

June 19th, 2012

Liars first burst onto the scene in 2001 with the release of the noisy dance-punk They Thew Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top. By the time their next album, They Were Wrong So We Drowned, came out three years later, the band had made a couple significant changes. Liars became a three-piece—with Angus Andrew (vocals and guitar) and Aaron Hemphill (percussion, guitar and synth) now joined by Andrew’s school friend Julian Gross (drums)—rather than a quartet and their sound moved away from a dance-y vibe and toward a post-punk one. Since then, Liars (above, playing “Plaster Casts for Everything” for Juan’s Basement) have toured with Radiohead, moved to New Jersey and then Berlin before settling in Los Angeles and continued making music. Their most recent album, the dark WIXIW (pronounced: “wish you”), came out two weeks ago and they play Webster Hall tomorrow night.


Liars – The Bowery Ballroom – April 15, 2010

April 16th, 2010

Liars - The Bowery Ballroom - April 15, 2010

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Macchiarelli | www.jennylow.com