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Two Nights of Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Brooklyn Steel

March 9th, 2018

Going to a Godspeed You! Black Emperor show is about as close as you can get to hearing the soundtrack of the apocalypse in real time. For those unfamiliar with the Montreal band’s signature brand of slow-boiling fury, their song “East Hastings” provided much of the soundtrack to the white-knuckle end-of days-zombie flick 28 Days Later. But it would be unfair to reduce Godspeed You! Black Emperor to just that credit. The long-running orchestral post-rock collective have made an impact on underground music in their 20-year career, and many dub their debut, F A(stream it below), a classic. Godspeed You! are known to bring an almost overwhelming amount of intensity onstage. The band is currently on the road, touring in support of their 2017 release, Luciferian Towers (stream it below), and will be rolling through New York City next week for back-to-back appearances at Brooklyn Steel on Monday and Tuesday. Danish saxophonist Liberty and Asheville, N.C. (by way of Bhutan) guitarist Tashi Dorji open both shows. —Pat King | @MrPatKing