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Moderat – Terminal 5 – April 19, 2017

April 20th, 2017

Moderat - Terminal 5 - April 19, 2017

Photos courtesy of Adela Loconte | adelaloconte.com


Moderat Bring Acclaimed Live Show to Terminal 5 Tomorrow Night

April 18th, 2017

Approaching a decade ago, Sascha Ring—who was making ambient, dreamy soundscapes as Apparat—teamed up with Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary—already known for their rambunctious, genre-spanning techno music as Modeselektor—to form the Berlin experimental-techno trio Moderat (above, doing “Bad Kingdom” live in concert on Pitchfork TV). They’ve released a host of EPs alongside three full-lengths, including last year’s aptly titled III (stream it below). “The rich subtlety of its sound design demands repeated plays. Each time the album reveals something new. III is an album that worms its way into your day-to-day life. It’s an album that grows each time you listen to it. It’s an album than sounds different, and feels different, with each subsequent play,” gushed Clash. “III is a triumph that takes pop and redefines it, and may come to be seen as a watershed moment for the group as they hit full stride.” Another aptly titled release, the live recording Live (stream it below), arrived later in 2016. PopMatters lavished the album with praise, but added that “Live cuts out a crucial part of the Moderat live experience: the visuals. The light show and films that feature in Moderat’s concerts are essential.” Fortunately, you can get the entire experience when Moderat play Terminal 5 tomorrow night. Multimedia artist Dominick Fernow’s Vatican Shadow opens the show.


Modeselektor Packs Music Hall of Williamsburg

April 18th, 2012

Modeselektor – Music Hall of Williamsburg – April 17, 2012

The only time Sebastian Szary, one half of the Berlin duo Modeselektor, talked to the audience last night was through a microphone with the pitch lowered to Arnold Schwarzenegger levels of bass. It made simple phrases like “Hello, New York” and “We are Modeselektor” sound like chest-thumping battle cries, while also providing a metaphor of sorts for their music. Everything is filtered through and distorted by machines, even simple introductions to the audience. It’s as though their music is the result of endless tinkering with machines they never completely control.

Their first of two nights in New York City, Modeselektor packed Music Hall of Williamsburg with beats, lights, bass and hoards of sweaty bodies. There wasn’t a single person standing still in the building by the time they fired up their zigzagging strips of neon lights, keeping them secret until a few songs into the show. Each song seemed to build off the previous one’s momentum, like a machine working faster and faster.

Watching Szary, donning a beret, mouth along to Miss Platinum’s verses in their song “Berlin” was one of the few moments that broke up the pace. Per Modeselektor tradition, Szary brought out bottles of champagne to spray the audience. The set finished with their backdrop sputtering out like a malfunctioning computer shutting itself down, before returning for a lengthy encore that concluded with “A New Error,” a song they did in collaboration with Apparat under the moniker Moderat. —Dan Rickershauser

Photos courtesy of Dan Rickershauser

(Modeselektor plays The Bowery Ballroom tonight.)


Two Nights of Modeselektor

April 16th, 2012

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary first met on the Berlin music scene in 1992. They banded together, initially as Fundamental Knowledge before taking the name Modeselektor in 1996. The duo progressed from DJ sets to playing a live act of glitch- and IDM-influenced electronic music with hints of metal, rap and crunk. In other words, they’re hard to pin down. But that hasn’t stopped them from winning awards and accolades for their studio work and their live shows or from gaining some big-time fans, most notably Thom Yorke, who collaborated with the duo on a track on last year’s Monkeytown. But the best way to experience Modeselektor (above, doing “”) is live, which you can do tomorrow at Music Hall of Williamsburg and on Wednesday at The Bowery Ballroom.