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July Talk Bring New Music to The Bowery Ballroom Tomorrow Night

December 14th, 2016

Mashing together gritty, bluesy rock with a dose of dance-worthy synths and his-and-hers vocals, Peter Dreimanis (vocals), Leah Fay (vocals), Ian Docherty (guitar), Josh Warburton (bass) and Danny Miles (drums) formed July Talk just a few years ago in Toronto. They earned comparisons to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age and the Kills when their self-titled debut (stream it below) came out in 2012. Their second full-length, Touch (stream it below), arrived this past October. “Touch finds July Talk cultivating and improving upon what made them so engaging on their debut. Rather than going the easy route of replicating their initial successes, they push themselves and expand. Their signature sound and integrity is maintained, while new touches are added as needed,” according to PopMatters. “It’s a fantastic follow-up and is an example, in this cynical era of playlists, of how bands can still craft fully realized, comprehensive albums while still developing as artists and not being afraid to make sociological statements.” July Talk (above, performing “Push + Pull” for Toronto’s CFNY FM 102.1 the Edge) kicked off a new tour earlier this week, which brings them to The Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night. Mona and Miles Francis open the show.


A New Band Shines at Mercury Lounge

January 14th, 2011

Mona – Mercury Lounge – January 13, 2010

Despite New York City being the media capital of the world and the place people come to be seen and make their presence known, sometimes bands, even American ones, gain wider attention in other places—like overseas (“We’re huge in Europe”)—before they do here, which is most certainly the case with Mona, the four-piece Nashville band without an album but plenty of hype. With just three songs streaming on their MySpace page, they’ve already appeared on TV in England and they’re in the running for MTV UK’s “Brand New for 2011.”

So last night at Mercury Lounge, a large crowd for the early show came out to see what the fuss is all about. And over the course of seven songs in about 30 minutes, they found out. People have mentioned early U2 and Kings of Leon when discussing Mona’s sound. Although those are some lofty comparisons, similarities to Ireland’s most famous export are noticeable on songs like “Lines in the Sand.” And frontman Nick Brown’s voice isn’t so dissimilar from Caleb Followill’s.

Of course, where Brown, hopping around stage in a plain white T, (hard-thumping) drummer Vince Gard, bassist Zach Lindsey and guitarist Jordan Young will make it or not is in defining their own sound. Some of their songs show they’ve got plenty of room to grow, but others demand to be heard by bigger audiences in larger rooms before screaming audiences. The future is theirs. —R. Zizmor


Mona: Believe the Hype

January 11th, 2011

Despite a very brief résumé, Mona has been heavily hyped and, maybe unfairly, compared to U2 and Kings of Leon. Perhaps some of that has to do with each band’s religious upbringing. In fact, three-quarters of Mona—singer-guitarist Nick Brown, drummer Vince Gard and bassist Zach Lindsey—learned “how to play, how to perform, how to work a crowd” in front of a congregation. Brown and Gard met in a local church music group in Dayton, Ohio. But realizing their hometown wasn’t much of a musical hotbed, they headed to Nashville because “it was a five-hour drive away as opposed to 14 hours to New York or 26 hours to L.A. And way cheaper.” Once in Music City, the two met Lindsey, who in turn introduced them to guitarist Jordan Young, and things took off from there. One thing is clear: With their classic-rock influences and dual-guitar attack, Mona (above, playing “Listen to Your Love” on Later…with Jools Holland) rocks, and you can see them at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.