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A Pair of Don Giovanni Records Showcases at Music Hall

February 6th, 2014

Joseph Steinhardt and Zach Gajewski were attending a Boston college when they founded Don Giovanni Records in 2004. The idea was to put out hardcore music they liked, with a specialization, according to Steinhardt, in “releasing music from New Brunswick, N.J., and the surrounding area (including Brooklyn and New York City), and attempting to level the playing field between those bands and bands on larger labels.” But these guys don’t just put out music—they also bring it to you. And this weekend, they’re bringing you plenty over two nights at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tomorrow night’s showcase includes Laura Stevenson (above, playing “Journey to the Center of the Earth” for Ear Candy) plus Shellshag, Upset, Nude Beach and Worriers. And not to be outdone, Saturday night’s bill features Screaming Females (below, performing “It All Means Nothing” for Sound Opinions) alongside California X, Brick Mower, Priests and Black Wine.


Mikal Cronin Headlines a Terrific Bill at Webster Hall Tomorrow

December 10th, 2013

If you’ve ever listened to the Ty Segall Band then you’ve also heard Mikal Cronin. For years as their bassist, he’s been the impetus for the poppier side of that group, balancing out Ty Segall’s Lennon as the band’s McCartney. But with the release of his second full-length, the much-acclaimed MCII (stream it below), this past spring, Cronin’s now making a name for himself, thanks to his genius at taking a hook and injecting it with a shot of rock and roll steroids, but not before building up some anticipation. He takes two worlds usually foreign to each other and marries them. It’s punk rock with a sunny California twist—perfect pop songs drowned in distorted guitar fuzz, earworm melodies with more and more energy thrown behind them until they almost reach their breaking point. Catch Cronin (above, performing “Shout It Out” in studio for KEXP FM) with a jam-packed lineup, including the Entrance Band, a special guest and House List favorites Nude Beach, tomorrow night at Webster Hall. —Dan Rickershauser


Lose Your Inhibitions Tomorrow Night with Nude Beach

January 17th, 2013

Singer-guitarist Chuck Betz, drummer-singer Ryan Naideau and bassist Jimmy Shelton all grew up on Long Island’s North Shore, but they began playing music together in Brooklyn. At first it was “just a really fun way to get together on the weekends and get drunk and play music,” said Naideau. But it eventually became something more. In 2008 the power-pop trio took the name Nude Beach and began making rock music in the vein of Tom Petty, the Replacements and Elvis Costello, or as Consequence of Sound puts it: “Nude Beach echoes the past without drooling in the rearview mirror.” This becomes totally clear upon listening to last year’s II (stream it below) just once. Check out Nude Beach, above, doing “Walkin’ Down My Street,” and then do yourself a favor and go see them play the late show tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge.