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Ought Frontman Tim Darcy Brings Solo Album to Rough Trade NYC

September 7th, 2017

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Tim Darcy is perhaps most known for fronting the energetic post-punk Montreal quartet Ought. But recently he’s begun crafting more introspective music as a solo artist, earning comparisons to David Byrne and Lou Reed in the process. His debut full-length, Saturday Night (stream it below), came out this past winter. “Saturday Night is a confident debut from a creator who’s best when he seems uncomfortable,” said Exclaim. “So long as he keeps evading his comfort zone, Darcy’s songwriting should remain potent for years to come.” Pitchfork rang in, too: “On the one hand, Saturday Night does exactly what you expect a solo record from a member of a raucous rock band to do: It’s more off the cuff and rougher around the edges, and showcases a more introspective side than the day job normally allows. On the other hand, it’s an assault on that very idea. Over its 11 songs (including one hidden one), Darcy slowly dismantles the confessional crooner archetype until he’s just messing around with the raw materials, transforming himself from singer-songwriter to sound sculptor.” His new tour just kicked off yesterday, and you can catch Tim Darcy (above, performing “Still Waking Up” for KUTX FM) live in Brooklyn tomorrow night at Rough Trade NYC.


Ought Play the Late Show at Mercury Lounge on Thursday Night

September 29th, 2015

The post-punk four-piece Ought—Tim Darcy (vocals and guitar), Ben Stidworthy (bass), Matt May (keys) and Tim Keen (drums and violin)—has been expertly marrying the sounds of mid-’90s emo bands and early college-rock groups since forming three years ago in Montreal, where each of the band’s members—none of them Canadian—met while in college. Their debut full-length, More Than Any Other Day (stream it below), came out last year. AllMusic dubbed it “a deeply refreshing listen, bursting at the seams with joy and anger and less indebted to its long list of influence than it is an entity greater than the sum of its parts.” Not wasting any time, Ought (above, performing “The Weather Song” at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival) released their second LP, Sun Coming Down (stream it below), just two weeks ago. (The album’s so acclaimed that even noted spoilsports Pitchfork liked it.) Per Spin, “Sun Coming Down builds on Ought’s remarkable debut with poise and certainty that the quiet terrors of anxiety cease to slow as you age.” Catch them on Thursday night at Mercury Lounge. Purchase, N.Y. quartet Adult Mom opens the show.