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Typhoon Make Sold-Out Music Hall of Williamsburg Feel Intimate

January 29th, 2018

Typhoon – Music Hall of Williamsburg – January 27, 2018

“My friends, how are you?” inquired frontman Kyle Morton of the Music Hall of Williamsburg audience as Typhoon took the stage. The outsize band with an outsize sound before a sold-out room on a Saturday night somehow immediately turned the show small and intimate. That was the mood of the evening, big swells of sound coupled with moments of quiet introspection. To pull it off, the sound needed to be just right—each lyric as important to hear as the swaths of violin and guitars winding their way through an ecstatic two-drummer rhythm section. With their dedicated sound system taking up valuable real estate in the middle of the packed room, this was not a problem. So when they opened with “Common Sentiments,” off the 2013 release White Lighter, lines like “I began hearing these voices in the dial tone” were as clear as Shannon Steele’s emotive violin playing, with the crowd already singing along to make the band feel even bigger.

At times Typhoon felt like a big folk band that had fallen, comic book–style, into a vat of acid, taking on superhuman strength in the process. “Hunger and Thirst” was explosive in its two-guitar-two-drummer chug. Other times, they were more like a prog-rock band with plainspoken, poetic lyrics, complex orchestral dynamics paired with a heavy dose of humanity. Despite a brand new album, Offerings, just a few weeks out of the bag, the set list was democratic in its selections from the band’s history. Regardless of new or old, the audience was eager to participate, dancing, singing and clapping along at the right moment, calling out requests in anticipation of the next song.

The band goofed on starting “Possible Deaths” over and over again throughout the set, half tease and half prank as a nice change of pace for a group whose music feels quite serious all of the time. The set found its powerful climax with “Empircist,” off the new record, everything about the preceding set, rolled into one piece. Morton and Co. paired quiet and loud, big and small, heavy rock with beautiful violin melodies and moved through multiple sections, each their own composition, the crowd singing along at times, at others taking in lyrics like “So blow out your past lives like they’re candles on the cake” clear and as intimate as a “How are you?” from a friend. —A. Stein | @Neddyo


Typhoon Bring Their Big, Joyous Sound to Webster Hall Tomorrow

March 26th, 2014

The orchestral-rock group Typhoon has a big sound matched by a big lineup. Kyle Morton (vocals and guitar), Alex Fitch (drums and vocals), Tyler Ferrin (horns and vocals), Devin Gallagher (ukulele and vocals), Dave Hall (guitar and vocals), Pieter Hilton (drums and vocals), Jen Hufnagel (violin and vocals), Ryan McAlpin (trumpet and vocals), Shannon Steele (violin and vocals), Eric Stipe (trumpet and vocals) and Toby Tanabe (bass and vocals) make crescendo-building anthemic music reminiscent of bands like Arcade Fire and Frightened Rabbit. Typhoon (above, playing “Young Fathers” for WGBH) have put
out a pair of EPs and a pair of LPs, including, White Lighter (stream it below), released
last fall. AllMusic weighed in: “Morton and company take frequent leaps of faith, punching holes in the indie-pop template with enough melodic left turns, odd time signatures and complex breakdowns to lure a few unsuspecting prog-rock fans into the fold. That said,
this is fist-pumping, NPR-loving, heartfelt arena pop through and through, with highlights arriving via immaculately crafted mini-epics.” Find yourself singing along when this Portland, Ore., music collective plays Webster Hall tomorrow night.