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Savoir Adore – The Bowery Ballroom – August 12, 2016

August 15th, 2016

Savoir Adore - The Bowery Ballroom - August 12, 2016

Photos courtesy of Mina J


Five Questions with Savoir Adore’s Paul Hammer

August 10th, 2016

Savoir Adore (above, performing “Giants” for We Found New Music) play The Bowery Ballroom on Friday night, and The House List recently reached out to the band’s leader, Paul Hammer, to discuss a new lineup, a new album, The Love That Remains—which comes out on Friday—and to answer Five Questions.

Your show at The Bowery Ballroom celebrates the release of The Love That Remains. What can we expect that night? Will you play the whole album? We’ll be playing most of it, yes! It’s a strange new (good) problem to have for us—figuring out a set list with three albums is a whole new challenge. This will also be the first time we’re playing most of these songs, so it’s exciting for us on that level too. 

For some bands, touring is like a theater piece in that the set list doesn’t change too much from show to show, but everyone onstage is aware of the different nuances in each performance. But for others, every night has a totally different set list and feel. Where do you land in that spectrum? I think a little bit of both, but definitely leaning toward the theater-piece approach. We have a pretty specific flow and idea for transitions, and our sound is also very electronic and sequenced at times. That’s the tricky part about being an electronic band without the ability to hire a nine-piece traveling group. Would love to have three dedicated synth players in the future, but for now we’ll give a little bit of the work to Mr. Ableton.

How has a change in the band’s lineup changed things? It’s interesting ’cause it’s obviously different with a different group of people, but in some ways it hasn’t changed much at all. We’ve also been a band that’s sort of evolved and changed lineups over the years, so in that sense we’ve become a bit used to it. But I think the biggest change is just that I’m more in a position of being the sole leader now. It’s a pressure that was pretty overwhelming for a long while, but now that I’m used to it, it’s actually really liberating. 

As a Brooklyn band, what does it mean to do an album-release show at home in NYC? And is there any personal significance to playing The Bowery Ballroom? Big time. It means a lot. Honestly, most of my favorite shows in New York have been at The Bowery Ballroom, and I often call my happy place the upstairs bar looking out at the arched window. As soon as I started writing this record I knew I wanted to have the release show here, and this being our first time headlining makes it even more special. 

Friday’s show has ended, and at the after-party we give you a buck for the jukebox. Which three songs do you choose? Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime,” Tom Petty, “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and Fleetwood Mac, “Gypsy.” Then again, if this was a party of some kind, I might pick different songs. —R. Zizmor | @Hand_Dog


A Triple Bill of Poppy Brilliance

September 23rd, 2013

Savoir Adore/the Suzan/Ski Lodge – Music Hall of Williamsburg – September 21, 2013

Savoir Adore

The spirited music of Savoir Adore, the Suzan and Ski Lodge drew a large crowd to Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday night. With their signature beachy pop rock, the five gentlemen of Ski Lodge took the stage first. The band crooned their way through a sultry set, covering much of their newly released full-length album, Big Heart, and “Just to Be Like You” and “Big Heart” stood out as crowd favorites. The self-proclaimed “riot grrrls” of the Suzan followed, delivering an enlivening set of their bold music, employing synths, vocals and catchy beats to create a tribal effect. Lead singer Saori, a twinkling pop chanteuse, drew the audience nearer to the stage and had everyone singing along. “Put your hands up!” implored the band throughout their dance-worthy set, and we no one hesitated.

When Paul Hammer and Deirdre Muro stepped onstage with their band and launched into their signature splendid pop music, people cheered knowing they were in for a thrilling performance. A cartoon-like projection looming behind Savoir Adore depicted a single majestic tree at nightfall, which morphed ever so slowly into a mysterious closed door, which never opened. But anyone who wanted to know what was behind it was a little too busy gyrating to make that discovery a priority.

Hammer and Munro are the perfect team, generously taking turns in the spotlight. Their set peaked with a rendition of “Loveliest Creature,” in which Munro donned a sparkling silver cloak that caught every bit of light, creating a heavenly effect for the dreamy number. During the encore, “Dreamers”—the hit single from the band’s most recent album, Our Nature—rang out with swelling bass and bright, clear vocals. Hammer thanked the audience, expressing their gratitude to be headlining the venue they played nearly five years ago when they were just getting started. The night was a glorious dose of well-crafted music from three standout groups that truly know how to deliver live. —Schuyler Rooth


Catch Brooklyn’s Savoire Adore Tomorrow in Williamsburg

September 20th, 2013

As Savoire Adore, Brooklyn’s Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro make what they call “fantasty rock.” Their first LP, In the Wooded Forest, came out in 2009, and NME noted it for being “musically and lyrically brave.” And although Hammer and Muro recorded it as a duo, they played the music live with three other musicians. Earlier this year, Savoir Adore (above, doing “Regalia” for WFUV FM) released their follow-up album, Our Nature (stream it below). And in labeling the material “excellent,” Sputnik Music notes it for being “startlingly cohesive throughout its runtime, one reticent tune dying to evolve into the jubilant anthem bound to come after.” See them tomorrow night they play Music Hall of Williamsburg with the Suzan and Ski Lodge.