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Together Pangea Headline Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday

September 28th, 2017

Together Pangea have been doing their own take on noisy garage punk since forming more than a decade ago in Los Angeles when singer-guitarist William Keegan, bassist Danny Bengston and drummer Erik Jimenez met while at Cal Arts. (It wasn’t until several years later that Roland Cosio joined the band.) They’ve put out four EPs to match four LPs, the most recent of which, Bulls and Roosters (stream it below), arrived last month. The Waster calls it “a wiser album that finds the band cooling off just enough for listeners not to burn their tongue.” Further adding: “The sticky melodies have all the muscle to roundhouse their way into your ear. On Bulls and Roosters, the four-piece make the hooks sweeter without losing the punch they’ve had since Day One.” Now touring the country in support of the new album, Together Pangea (above, doing “Better Find Out” live for Jam in the Van) play Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tall Juan and Nashville, Tenn., trio Daddy Issues open the show.


Catch Gabriella Cohen at Tomorrow’s Early Show at Mercury Lounge

November 9th, 2016

Gabriella Cohen (above, doing “Feelin’ Fine” for Triple R Melbourne) fronts the Brisbane, Australia, duo the Furrs, but the talented singer-songwriter has also made a name for herself as a solo artist with her debut full-length album, the kaleidoscopic-fuzz-pop-filled Full Closure and No Details (stream it below), out last month. “Emotion courses through her psych-garage songs, but it’s less a matter of what she says, than of how she says it,” according to Exclaim. “Full Closure and No Details feels more like a journey to the closure Cohen seeks through her songwriting than an answer itself—and what an important journey it is.” And per Rolling Stone, “It’s an LP stacked with hazy girl-group melodies and kitsch-pop BVs, blanketed by slacker guitar tones like that weird greasy slick that surfaces from every poor when it’s humid. Cohen nails disaffected twentysomething insouciance at every turn.” Catch her live tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge. Tall Juan opens the show.


BC Camplight Brings Terrific New Music to Rough Trade NYC

June 3rd, 2015

Inspired by the likes of Burt Bacharach and Harry Nilsson, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Brian Christinzio released his first one-man-band BC Camplight album, the piano-driven psych-pop Hide, Run Away (stream it below), in 2005. AllMusic compared the dark material with a sunny sound to the New Pornographers and Ben Folds. Another LP followed, but then … not much else. Fighting depression, he’d occasionally perform with the War on Drugs and he appeared on a Sharon Van Etten album. But thinking of himself as “the guy who blew it” and realizing he’d “be dead or in jail if I stayed” in Philadelphia, Christinzio left the United States and settled in Manchester, England, in 2012. He began playing music again and now, eight years since his previous release, BC Camplight (above, doing “Grim Cinema” for WFUV FM) has a new album, How to Die in the North (stream it below), released this past January. Per AllMusic, it “sounds like the product of an artist restored. Bold, beautiful, campy, heartbreaking and flush with moxie, Christinzio’s third outing is a left-field gem.” See him Friday night at Rough Trade NYC. Local quartet the Rally and singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tall Juan open the show.