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Girlpool Bring Hooks and Harmonies Aplenty to Brooklyn Steel

February 7th, 2018

Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker make riveting music together as Girlpool (above, performing “Powerplant” for World Cafe). They established themselves just a few years ago with a straightforward DIY punk-inspired minimalism, featuring their oft-unison vocals dead center. Their early songs are intense and direct but have an edge of sweetness. But for their second full-length record, the Pitchfork-praised Powerplant (stream it below), released last year, Tividad and Tucker softened the edges a bit more, incorporating upbeat harmonies and whimsical instrumentation, yet their unique musical style still abounds. In interviews, Girlpool have spoken about their belief in conveying radical vulnerability and honesty through their music and lyrics. Despite their age (Tividad and Tucker are both in their early 20s), they come across as wise and worldly. And with Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, what better way to get radically in touch with your own complicated emotions than to spend the night with Girlpool tomorrow at Brooklyn Steel. And even if you’re too cool to be affected by that cloying Hallmark holiday, then you’ll still appreciate swaying along to Girlpool’s catchy hooks. —Alena Kastin | @AlenaK