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The Rural Alberta Advantage Spend the Weekend in New York City

November 2nd, 2017

After forming in Toronto in 2005, the Rural Alberta AdvantageNils Edenloff (vocals and guitar) and Paul Banwatt (drums) now with Robin Hatch (keys, bass and vocals)—began releasing emotional folkish music, which led to a fair amount of Internet intrigue. Their debut full-length, Hometowns (stream it below), came out in 2008 (and was rereleased a year later). AllMusic rang in: “With a name like the Rural Alberta Advantage and a debut album called Hometowns, one would hope for an unpretentious collection of amiable indie pop tunes filtered through the wistful lens of a Wes Anderson film, and that’s exactly what you get.” The band followed that in 2011 with Departing (stream it below), and PopMatters was impressed: “The Rural Alberta Advantage have delivered a rarity: An album that remarkably stuns, even though its world view is largely seen from a car stuck in the middle of snow bank on the side of the road.” The trio returned in 2014 with their third album, the terrific Mended with Gold (stream it below), about which Consequence of Sound said, “The band is in a groove, churning out good to great songs with a distinguishable aesthetic.” Just a few weeks ago, the RAA (above, performing “White Lights” for CIND FM) dropped their fourth long-player, The Wild (stream it below), which “maintains a real sense of spontaneity, a sound in keeping with their manic folk impulses and the heady adrenaline rush that frequently drives their songs to euphoric highs,” per Paste magazine. “Consider this both edgy and essential.” Their new tour brings them to Rough Trade NYC on Friday and The Bowery Ballroom on Saturday. Five-piece Yukon Blonde open both shows.


Foo Fighters’ Nate Mendel Brings Lieutenant to Mercury Lounge

March 26th, 2015

Nate Mendel is undoubtedly best known as the bassist in Foo Fighters (and for holding down the low end for Sunny Day Real Estate prior to that), but just like Dave Grohl went from being just the drummer in some band to becoming the driving force—as singer, songwriter and (rhythm) guitarist—behind his own group, Mendel is fronting his own new project, Lieutenant. “I’m not an enthusiast of solo projects,” says the new frontman. “Bands are bands for a reason and it seems that once the celery is out of the soup, you’re just left holding a stringy, watery vegetable. However, I knew there was more I wanted to do in music.” So he entered the studio, and with the help of a variety of musicians and producer Toshi Kasai, Mendel ended up with his very own new album, the recently released If I Kill This Thing We’re All Going to Eat for a Week (stream it below). NME declared, “The record is no vanity project, but a serious passion project,” and, furthermore, it’s an “impressive marriage of Sunny Day’s intimate soul purging and Foos’ powerful guitar heft, it’s a masterstroke of understated college rock.” Armed with a backing band, Lieutenant (above, performing “Belle Epoque”) are currently making their way up the East Coast, and you can catch them live on Saturday at Mercury Lounge. Vancouver, B.C., rock quartet Yukon Blonde open the show.